In October 2008, the Government introduced legislation in England which means some driveway installations may require planning permission. The main reason behind this was due to surface water flooding the public highway.

Elite Patios Ltd can save you time and money by designing and installing your driveway so that it is compliant with current legislation.


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Planning permission is usually required if;

-The surface covers 5 square metres in area

-Rain water will drain off the drive onto a public highway

-Rain water is to be linked to an existing surface water system that does not discharge into a soak away

However, planning permission is not required if;

-A permeable block is used, in conjunction with a permeable sub-base

-If ground is able to absorb the rain water off the drive (not clay) – using a soak away

-A driveway is professionally designed which makes use of permeable block paving and/or an eco drainage system